The Feds stamp the Director of Photography Apprenticeship as Approved

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Starting in 2000, Go To Team began offering the Director of Photography Apprenticeship, which was recently accredited by the Federal Office of Apprenticeship. Since 2000 we have had 9 Apprentices, with over 50% moving into a full-time position with Go To Team (and, one is a soundman that we use on a regular basis). It is a unique opportunity for experienced Directors of Photography to share their knowledge and skills with less experienced shooters with potential who want to move on to bigger opportunities.

We have always been proud of the Apprenticeship; it’s a great opportunity for photog’s and shooters that are ready to take their shooting to the next level. And, over the years Go To Team has won big… finding some of the best talent in the industry. Being registered with the National Apprenticeship program just puts a national seal on a great product. We were happy to work with Apprenticeship Carolina and US Dept. of Labor officials to develop the only Director of Photography Apprenticeship in South Carolina and one of the few creative industry apprenticeships currently registered nationally.

The apprenticeship is currently offered in Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC. For more information see the Go To Team Job posting web page.