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Experiences Learned by a Go To Team Apprentice

Although I have no personal experience to base this on, I always hear how different my apprenticeship has been compared to others.  When I moved to Charlotte to work with Skip, I was supposed to be running audio for him and only him.  That changed rather quickly when Skip moved to LA.  This move left […]

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Life as a Charlotte Crew Cameraman Apprentice

Go To Team offers a unique opportunity to Chief Photographers and local TV Cameramen. This position is designed for photographers that want to gain enough experience to shoot, run audio, and light at the highest level. We have successfully run this federally accredited apprenticeship for eight years and six of our former apprentices are now […]

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The Feds stamp the Director of Photography Apprenticeship as Approved

  Starting in 2000, Go To Team began offering the Director of Photography Apprenticeship, which was recently accredited by the Federal Office of Apprenticeship. Since 2000 we have had 9 Apprentices, with over 50% moving into a full-time position with Go To Team (and, one is a soundman that we use on a regular basis). It […]

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