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GTT’s Jimmy Hall and Foster Productions Collaborate in Philadelphia for Internal Corporate Piece

Road trip just north of Philadelphia…stuff the duffle…kiss the wife, hug the dog…wheels up @ noon…429 miles. Working again with Jennifer Foster a.k.a Foster Productions…our last gig together was in Washington DC for a couple of weeks back in August…unfortunately that’s all I can disclose…TOP SECRET stuff. However, this production was not TOP SECRET it […]

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Raleigh Crew tours the New Epic Games Campus and Sneaks a Peek of Gears of War 3

Raleigh’s Hall crew spent a couple of days at Epic Games (the video game company behind the blockbuster “Gears of War” franchise) for G4’s most-watched gaming show X-Play. Epic recently expanded their 31,000 sq ft office with a 135,000-square-foot addition, known to locals as ‘The Pentagon of Gaming’ we took the tour to check out […]

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Raleigh Crew Revists Hurricane Floyd for Animal Planet

Go To Team’s Raleigh NC cameraman Jimmy Hall and Sound Tech Ian McCullen spent a couple of days in Burgaw, NC for Animal Planet.  What’s in Burgaw? Well, in 1999 Hurricane Floyd sat on Burgaw causing a flood of biblical proportions destroying mostly farm land and threatning the lives of the animals.  The folks we […]

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