GTT’s Jimmy Hall and Foster Productions Collaborate in Philadelphia for Internal Corporate Piece

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Road trip just north of Philadelphia…stuff the duffle…kiss the wife, hug the dog…wheels up @ noon…429 miles.

Working again with Jennifer Foster a.k.a Foster Productions…our last gig together was in Washington DC for a couple of weeks back in August…unfortunately that’s all I can disclose…TOP SECRET stuff.

However, this production was not TOP SECRET it was an internal corporate piece interviewing some of the best mortgage and real estate professionals in the business for First American Mortgage & Century 21 Alliance.

We posted up production in an abandoned annex to a Century 21 office which was located next to a super busy state road…a sound nightmare you might think?  Not for Sound Tech Ian McCullen (master architect in sound blanket structures) who constructed a sound blanket cave for our interviewees. The camera of choice for this shoot was the Panasonic HVX 200 which we shot 720p @ 24fps.  The HVX comes with one of my favorite pieces of gear(if you’re shooting solid state don’t leave home without it) the NEXTO DI Video Storage Pro…fill up a card, stick it in the NEXTO, dump the footage, reuse the card…never have to worry about not enough P2.

Sound Cave
We did 10 different interview setups over a couple of days…using every nook and cranny in the building.
Jennifer Foster and Jimmy Hall teaming up.