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The other day New England DP, Roger Woodruff, and apprentice, Brian Behrens, made the trip out to Buffalo, NY for the NFL Media Day. They were hired by ESPN but they shot green screen interviews and sound bites for ESPN, NBC, CBS, and Amazon Prime. It was an action packed two days.

The first day was their scout and set up day. Their designated space was the room usually used for press conferences. They had a lot of space, which is always good when doing a green screen set up. They set up the green screen to be about a 10×10. It was lit with two Nanlite 60w fixtures. Roger used my Nanlite 720b with a 120 par-soft box with grids and diffusion for the key. The fill light was a Nanlite 300w with a 90 par-soft box with grids and diffusion. The backlight was a 10 inch Nanlite Pavo tube. Roggg also used a 4×4 silk, mounted above the subject, with a Nanlite 300w bouncing off of it as a top down fill / backlight for subjects with no hair. After completing a test with the Atomos Shogun recording Pro Res .MOV files from the Sony Fx9, they called it a day.

The following morning they got to work shooting interviews and sound bites with most of the Buffalo Bills roster. Working with Josh Allen, Keon Coleman, and Von Miller was a pretty awesome day!