Cleveland Crew covers Buffalo Bills at NFL Media Day for ESPN

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NFL Media Day is here! Go To Crew brought in Cleveland based DP Jordan Woods for this one. This shoot was a green screen where the players would pose for their hero shots during the broadcast. The first day was a setup day and the second day was the day the players would arrive. Since this was a larger green screen setup Jordan used two Forza 300s and two Astras to light the back of the green screen. Two Nanlite 60Bs with softboxes were used for the hairlights. To light the player and the ground green screen two Nanlite 500Bs were used. There was some light spilling onto the scene from the house lights so two 4×4 floppies were flown in to block it.
Some of the shots needed to be shot vertically so Jordan used a Wooden Camera 90 degree plate to make the switch seamless and quickly. Shot on the Arri Amira with the Canon 17-120 at 4k 60 fps at Prores 4444 he was filling up 256 GB cards in 12 minutes! His DIT that day Hayden Broomhead had to be on top of data transfer to make sure there were no bottlenecks! Working with the Bills and ESPN was a joy as always.