New England and NYC DP Shoot D1 Super Star Interview

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Not everyone enjoys working on their birthday but I do.  I actually had the day off so I could attend my nieces elementary school spring concert.  However, when the opportunity to shoot a three camera interview with, Olivia Pichardo, the first women to play D1 baseball popped up I could not say no.  Plus, the client was Bleacher Report and they’re always a blast to shoot for.
I met up in Providence, Rhode Island with NYC DP, David Romain, and we got to work.  We were shooting on three Sony Fx9’s.  I brought in a 17 inch monitor with a quad split to help match the look and feel of the cameras.  The single on Oliva was with the Zeiss Batis 135mm f2.8.  Ari’s shot was with the Zeiss Batis 85mm f1.8.  The wide shot was the Soy 16-35mm f4.
We lit the interview with a bunch of Nanlite Forza 60 bi-colors.  Two of those lights were swung in with combo stands and boom arms to light our subjects.  We used a couple more Forza 60’s to light the back ground.  Having bi-color lights was pretty helpful at this location since we had to match the lighting from the gym below.  It was not ideal but this was the room we had to make it work in.
Our day started pretty early so we were wrapped by noon.  I was back in Burlington, VT by 4pm and was still able to catch the spring concert that my nieces were in.  I would say that was a pretty good birthday present.  Well, that and working with our NYC DP, shooting for Bleacher Report, and my new apprentice got to be the AC.  Not a bad way to spend your birthday.
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