GTT Miami DP, Derrick Butler, Shoots with Hockey Legend

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Every sport has that one big name, the one that even non sports fans recognize and look at in awe. Names like; Brady, Jordan, Woods, and Ali. Some people would give an arm and a leg to meet one of these greats. Last month I got the absolute pleasure to not only work with but he welcomed me and our crew into his home.

This piece was called “At Home with 99” for Turner Sports and has been airing throughout the Stanley Cup playoffs. Even though this was such a quick shoot, it is by far one of the coolest moments in my career. Hearing his stories straight from the source was an experience that kid Derrick would never have predicted.

Putting me fanboying aside, shoot wise this was a quick one. I shot this with a Sony F55 paired with a Fujinon 18-55 f/2.8 on the shoulder in an attempt to give a documentary walk and talk look to it. I can thank Gretzky for providing such a beautiful space to work with, we definitely weren’t lacking any lighting with windows that size. Here are a few frames from the shoot, keep an eye out for them during the playoffs.