A Big Delivery – Go To Team’s New Arri Ultra Primes & Sony F3

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The 180mm Paired With Go To Team's New Sony F3 In Daytona

It’s been a pretty exciting few weeks at Go To Team!  Between a new crew launch in Nashville, TN, the Super Bowl, and the Daytona 500, it’s been easy to overlook all the new gear we just purchased.  After looking at them for several years and wondering when the time would come, we finally bought a set of Arri Ultra Primes!  When we decided to buy the new Sony F3 we realized it was the perfect time to make the investment in some glass that would be with us for a very long time.  Go To Team now owns a set of five lenses: 14mm, 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, and a 180mm.  It’s a great range of glass to cover a wide variety of shots and creativity.  And they’re fast with a  T1.9 stop!

Actor Sam Elliot On Stage In Los Angeles

The lenses made their Go To Team debut working for Fox Sports.  Director Of Photography Skip Clark used them to shoot segments with Sam Elliot that were used in the team introductions for the Super Bowl in Dallas, TX.  After that, Skip, based in Los Angeles, CA, brought them with him to Dallas to be used at the Super Bowl for everything from image shoots with the players to scenics around Dallas.

While the first shoot in Dallas was with a Phantom camera and these new Ultra Primes fit the PL mount on the camera just fine, Skip was also able to use them on his Varicam using the Pro 35 adaptor that Go To Team bought along with the set of lenses.  This PL to B4 adaptor allows the DP to put these Ultra Primes on any broadcast camera and get all the depth that the lenses bring with them.


Then, right after the Super Bowl, Skip flew straight to Daytona with the new lenses and Pro 35 adaptor to get ready for the Daytona 500.  The lenses worked on his Varicam for the first week, but after that the new Sony F3 finally came in and Skip was able to put the lenses to work on a camera built for them.

The 50mm Paired With Go To Team's Pro35 Adapter and Varicam
The 50mm Paired With Go To Team's Pro35 Adapter and Varicam


Between Fox Sports and Go To Team’s growing music client list theses lenses will surely be busy.  Be sure to stay tuned to Fox Sports and the Go To Team site to see them working!