Total Expert: Corporate Conference in California

Total Expert Leadership Conference Roughly a decade ago American markets dropped in the largest depression in over 100 years. The housing market crashed. The banks wrote loans to people who couldn’t afford them and people profited on others defaulting these loans. Growing up in an era and having watched this market crash happen, I honestly…


Citizen Pictures Ice Cream Week: Gelato and Angels

Combining Italian desserts with Los Angeles flair – Gelato and Angels was a great shop to highlight for Citizen Pictures and Food Network‘s ice cream week. Assignment Desk was there to help capture it all! The story started in the city of angels, where the now-owners met and fell in love. While traveling, they noticed…


Citizen Pictures: The Baked Bear | Ice Cream Week

Lions and tigers and… baked bears! Citizen Pictures wanted to highlight awesome ice cream creations across the nation for Food Network’s ice cream week, so they had a crew go to The Baked Bear in San Diego. The Baked Bear was founded by childhood friends who wanted to “treat” their hometown to great desserts. It…


Daily Planet: Spira Vehicles

Did you know that 50 million people are injured and 1.2 million are killed annually by vehicles? Spira vehicles were built to provide a safer car. Daily Planet wanted to highlight this safe and green vehicle and we were there. The Spira vehicle is wrapped in over six inches of soft foam, is small, lightweight…