LA Crew Knocks Out a Fight Game Shoot

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The Fight Game with Jim Lampley “Boxing fans love knockouts.” Boxer Vasyl Lomachenko knows this well as this is how he rose to his status in 2016. We had the pleasure of working with him on a recent interview shoot for The Fight Game with Jim Lampley on HBO Boxing.
The Fight Game with Jim Lampley

Lomachenko is the world featherweight champion of Ukraine. Correspondent Melissa Stark asked him about his two fights in 2016. He won the first with a KO and won the second as well. His goal is to have three fights in 2017.

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The Fight Game with Jim Lampley

Lomachenko spoke in Russian while Stark spoke in English. It was cool working with a translater! Lampley mentioned that Lomachenko can speak some English, but he’s such a perfectionist that he won’t speak it in public or on camera until he has it 100% down. Stark agreed because she noticed that he understood almost everything she asked during the interview, but was hesitant to answer in English. It was great to be able to work with Lomachenko and “The Fight Game” on such a fun and interesting shoot.