A Fast Moving Two Weeks – Go To Team Heads to the Daytona 500

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Shooting Drivers On The Grid With The New Sony F3 with Arri Ultra Primes

It’s been a busy few weeks for the boys at Go To Team.  Los Angeles based Skip Clark, Atlanta based Tom Wells, and Nashville based Roger Woodruff were on the road for over three weeks covering the Super Bowl and the Daytona 500; all for Fox Sports.  Following their time in Dallas for the Pittsburgh Packers game, the guys all made their way to Daytona for the two weeks of speed in the mecca of motorsports.  The crew spent the two weeks setting up artwork shoots, scenics, interviews, and then spent a lot of time on the track following the drivers and cars around the garage.  Tom was there with Go To Team’s Canon 7D package and his Varicam while Skip was there with the company’s brand new set of Arri Ultra Primes and the Sony F3.  All of the new toys have really increased the variety of shots and perspectives that the two DPs are bringing to the broadcast.  Be sure to stay tuned to Fox Sports throughout the Fox NASCAR broadcast season as Tom and Skip will be traveling all across the country following the circuit!

Shooting A Time Lapse With The F3 with Specialized Time Lapse Rig
A Dolly Shot Of The Man - Dale Earnhardt Sr - At Dusk
Shooting With Fans During The Race
Long Lens On The Back Stretch