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The greatest storytellers are the ones who have truly lived out their own. Very few have experienced a story quite like Nancy Lieberman’s.

YES Network worked with Go To Team’s Texas DP, Nate Galluppi, to interview Lieberman.  

On top of being the first woman to play in the NBA, a Basketball Hall of Famer, and a 2 time Olympian, Lieberman has collected quite a bit of memorabilia over the years.

Nate captured B-roll of the her expansive memorabilia room in Plano, Texas using a C300 camera to film and 2 Astras, with 2 litepanels for lighting.

Nancy Lieberman | YES Network

Her trophy room was a veritable basketball museum, featuring trophies, medals, and even signed jerseys from the likes of legends such as Lebron James and Larry Bird. Lieberman gave Nate and the crew the story of her unprecedented career of playing, coaching, and spoke on how the game that has given her so much.

She spent the early years of her professional play, finding a place where a woman could be accepted in basketball. Before the WNBA had formed, she played in the NBA summer league, for the Los Angeles Lakers. This was an early female league, the WBL, and she even played in a short-lived men’s league the USBL.

Finally, she was able to land a spot on the inaugural team for the Phoenix Mercury for the first season of the WNBA, where she was the oldest player in the league, at age 39. Everywhere she went to play, she racked up prestige and high-quality statistics. Today she is a commentator and game-analyst for the New Orleans Pelicans. It was an amazing shoot and proved to be a valuable insight into the life of one of basketball’s all-time greats.

We are honored to work on this shoot with YES Network! We love helping spread the story of such powerful women in history, and we are looking forward to working with them again in the future!

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