White and Case LLP | Assignment Desk

White and Case LLP recently sat down for an interview about their law firm and the work they do. They have a long history as a global firm that serves companies, governments, and financial institutions. They work hard to help their clients by resolving complex legal situations.

For this shoot, we worked with one of our top-notch vendors, Timothy Hart. “My first shoot for Assignmentdesk.com, and hopefully the first of many! Assignmentdesk.com was great to work with.” -Timothy Hart

The crew set up in a small yellow room with yellow furniture and yellow shag carpeting. We rearranged books, lamps, and furniture and squeezed every bit of lighting we could fit in that small space.

A mirrored coffee table bounced reflections back onto the faces of everyone in the room, so we had to get creative to achieve the lighting the client was looking for. We also squeezed in three Sony F5’s and all the sound equipment to ensure we had crispy audio for each person being interviewed.  

Our crew had a great time working with White and Case LLP! We hope to work more with them in the future!

Want to read about more Assignment Desk shoots? Check out our recent work here! Not sure what type of equipment you will need on your next shoot? Give our team a call! At Assignment Desk, we are happy to help you from the beginning stages of the shoot development process to post-production (we can even do your pay-roll).

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