We Are Passionate Storytellers

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We Are Passionate Storytellers

Go To Team - We Are Passionate Storytellers

Go To Team is not your average video production company. We are passionate storytellers who care, not just about the shoot, but about the relationship. We work hard to build relationships with our clients because we want them to understand our passion, our creativity, our vision.

It doesn’t matter if the subject matter is sports, news, entertainment, corporate, eSports, or unscripted – every story matters, and we strive to tell it in the best way possible through video production.

Sports features show a different side of your favorite sports teams and stars. News segments can range anywhere from breaking stories to feel-good stories. Entertainment features are yes, entertaining, but they also tell the story of some of your favorite celebrities and icons. Corporate footage goes behind the scenes of agencies and Fortune 500 companies alike. eSports coverage gets you closer to rising stars in the gaming industry. Unscripted episodes go behind the scenes of your favorite reality shows.

Our crews are everywhere and want to help tell your story. Let us be your Go To Team.