Multi-Camera Events

ppdmultiWhen it comes to Multi-Camera Live Events, Go To Team is your one source for equipment, crew, and production support. We have staffed and produced large sporting events, corporate sales meetings, conventions, and broadcast events. Our vast inventory of equipment allows you the flexibility to book 2 cameras switched to a long format Beta Deck or a full truck shoot with 8 cameras and 22 crew members.

Each multi-camera shoot is designed specifically for your needs. Each shoot starts with a Go To Team technical manager walking you through you location, camera, uplink, and personnel needs. These experts have seen it all and know how to allocate your budget to the most logical places.

Multi-Camera shoots are very different based on the end use. Clients planning on web-streaming, require a very different set of gear than those planning on DVD production or Broadcast. Based on these variables the technical manager can suggest the right crew and equipment in each of our markets.

Recent clients for our multi-camera shoots include CNN’s Google/You Tube Presidential Debate in Charleston, South Carolina, NBC’s Presidential Debate in Orangeburg, South Carolina, MSNBC’s Hardball in Orangeburg, South Carolina. For each of these clients we provided camera operators, audio operators, and other truck positions.

powerballGo To Team put together a five camera live event for PPD, a pharmaceuticals research company. The pharmaceutical company had assembled prominent speakers in Raleigh, NC for a moderated pharmaceutical discussion. Go To Team shot three 70-minute segments to be broadcast web streaming on the internet. read more…

The National Powerball drawing was produced in Columbia, SC at the South Carolina State Fair in October. For this four camera switched shoot the SC Education Lottery contracted Go To Team. Providing crew and equipment were easy, but having enough resources to set-up the shots in less than 2 hours was the key. The drawing broadcast live to 37 US states at 11:00 PM, less than 2 hours after music bands wrapped performances on the same stage.

The Wednesday night drawing was hosted by Rob Fowler, Meteorologist for the local Charleston, SC NBC affiliate WCBD. Tara Robertson, spokesperson for the South Carolina Education Lottery hosted the Saturday night drawing. Both of these performances can be viewed on-line.