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Video Marketing Events | Assignment Desk – Blog | Do you have an event that you are trying to capture? Well at Assignment Desk, we have an idea for you, and that is branded video creation. Video pulls people in. It brings things to life. Who wants to read about pages of words about something waiting to get to the point when you can be entertained by video? There are so many different ways to promote an event through video so why not utilize that? Don’t worry, we are going to give you all the ways you can take advantage of video for your next event:

Where do we start?

Before an event, it is crucial to have a “promo video” to promote the event. The goal is to get the audience excited for the day and make it look like something they cannot miss without getting FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Now, some little tips you might want to include in the announcement video include using some previous b-roll footage, music that catches attention, or even use some effects on the video like slow motion. These things will captivate the audience, leaving them inspired and interested. Make sure to spread the word by posting this video on all social media platforms. 

FAQ time.

After the promo video gets everyone hyped, it is important to also release an informational video on what the event is really all about. This video will include answers to questions people may have about the event. This could include registration, directions, or any set rules. For example, the promotional video for the “Color Run” might include a bunch of happy faces running through colorful paint, having the best time. But, an informational video might tell you what charity the run is pairing up with or the requirements for registration. 

Rewind back!

Lastly, after your event was a hit, you might want to make a recap video. This means you should be collecting footage and photos during the event to share afterwards. It is good to use this tactic not only so everyone who attended can remember what a great time it was, but to promote your brand for future events to come. A recap video can remind all audiences of the core message of your event and those who were apart of it can feel good that they were apart of something bigger. 

If you have an event around the corner that you want to promote, follow these steps for video marketing events! Video marketing is the best way to publicize. Need a crew to help out? Click here to book one of our teams!

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