Veterans Day

Veterans Day | Wounded Warrior Project | Veterans Day is a day to recognize and appreciate the American heroes who fought for our freedom. Many of these heroes gave their lives and endured hardships not only during but also after the war in exchange for that freedom, and Assignment Desk would like to give a special thanks to these warriors today. Our preferred Atlanta DP, Nate Silverman, recently had the opportunity to work with the Wounded Warrior Project and meet some of the brave survivors. 

Veterans Day

What is WWP about?

The Wounded Warrior Project is one of many charities that help veterans once they return from the war. Adjusting to life after war is challenging and painful, both emotionally and physically, and the Wounded Warrior Project helps veterans through this difficult time. The organization claims that “The transition to civilian life is a journey. For every warrior, family member, and caregiver, that journey looks different.” Their goal is for these heroes to optimistically look towards a future life for themselves and overcome their struggles. The charity offers various programs, events, and services to help each veteran’s journey in their own individual way. All experiences are different and the charity recognizes that. 

How was the event set up?

The unique event Nate had the opportunity to be apart of was up in the mountains of Georgia, where all the veterans rode motorcycles! This is a new extension of the charity called the Rolling Odyssey Project. The organization offers many other stress combatting, rehabilitative, outdoor activities such as zip-lining and white water rafting. 

Are there other organizations?

A few of the many other charities that are also doing incredible things for veterans are Hope for Warriors, Fisher House Foundation, Homes for Our Troops, Thanks USA, and Armed Services YMCA of the USA. We encourage everyone to donate to the courageous veterans on this special day. Today, make sure you thank our country’s heroes for all they have done for us.

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