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Did you know that recent stats from HighQ show that 55% of people watch videos online every day? And social media videos generate up to 1200% more shares than texts and images combined? These numbers should tell you everything you need to know about video content marketing.

So how can you integrate video in your marketing efforts? Thankfully, Linkedin has you covered!

Linkedin has been renowned for being the top online networking platform for business professionals. Over the last few years they have ramped up capabilities for B2B businesses to market to companies they are prospecting to. Most recently Linkedin has made an effort to go “all in” on video.

They now offer a video for sponsored pages and company pages. This is a major development because it allows companies to build brand-awareness through story-telling. It also helps draw traffic back to their pages and websites, and generate quality leads with call-to-action buttons.

Video is capable of showcasing a brand in ways that still-pictures and text never can. Just a few seconds of video can be enough to leave a huge impression on a potential client. Through Linkedin’s audience targeting programs, you can ensure that your video ads are placed in front of the optimally matched audience. Why is this important on Linkedin specifically? Because the platform found that users spend over 3xs as much time viewing video ads on Linkedin over text and image ads.

The moral of this story is: utilize video on Linkedin or risk getting scrolled over.

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