TSN World Juniors Anniversary

World Juniors Championship

Popcorn, team spirit, and an amazing atmosphere! Hockey is quite possibly one of the most exciting sports to watch. The players have amazing amounts of grit and grace gliding around the ice, and the fights are riveting! Every year, TSN highlights the World Juniors Championship through anniversary specials.

The Championship is held by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). The goal is to highlight under-20 ice hockey teams from around the world. Assignment Desk recently partnered with Go To Team’s DC cameraman, David DiFalco, as well as TSN to highlight the World Juniors Anniversary.

Go To Team’s crew has a lot of history with the World Juniors, as well as the IIHF. This year, the anniversary piece was about Jordan Eberle who scored the game-winning point for Team Canada 10 years ago. TSN

For the set up on this piece, we used Astera PixelTubes for everything. The turn out of this lighting set up was great! The shoot was a 3-camera set up, with two subjects across from each other. We placed three of the tubes horizontally between the subjects. The tubes went through a silk to create a softer and more blended appearance. Each subject had a tube above them to act as a hair light and fill light for the other subject. Each background had one tube to give a gradient look.

This year, ten teams will be participating in the IIHF World Juniors Championship. Teams will play in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia. The matches run from December 26th, 2018 to January 5th, 2019.

Every game will be broadcasted live on TSN and available for live stream on the TSN app and TSN.ca (check local listings for broadcast information in your area).

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