TriComB2B Conference | Emerson and Go To Team

Have you ever wondered how food is transported around the country, and to a supermarket near you? It could very well be in the semi-truck that you passed on your way to work this morning!

Assignment Desk worked with Go To Team’s Texas crew, Roger Woodruff and Kirby Clarke, to ensure the latest Emerson TriComB2B conference was recorded to perfection.

What is Emerson?

Emerson is a company that prides itself in offering the widest range of refrigeration technology on the market. New regulations are coming over the industry, and Emerson is leading the development on the next generation of refrigeration technology.

What are the new regulations?

What are some of the issues that the refrigeration industry is facing new regulations on? Energy Efficiency, Environmental Protection, Reliability and Safety Concerns, and Economic Considerations. Emerson’s teams around the world are forward-looking and customer focused. This stands true for their truck and trailer refrigeration as well. Emerson uses Copeland Scroll compressors and controls, as well as accurate end-to-end tracking and monitoring systems. This ensures federal refrigeration travel standards are met.

Equipment Setup:

Our crew filmed the conference on a C300 camera, at 29.97fps, 1080p. This ensures the highest possible quality footage for the client.


Our team was honored to work with Emerson and Go To Team on this shoot. We look forward to working with both companies again in the future!

Equipment used:

C300, Tripod


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