Total Expert Leadership Conference

Roughly a decade ago American markets dropped in the largest depression in over 100 years. The housing market crashed. The banks wrote loans to people who couldn’t afford them and people profited on others defaulting these loans. Growing up in an era and having watched this market crash happen, I honestly was tentative about the people I’d meet at this leadership conference. I was expecting the Big Short’s big bank baddies, but instead I experienced a room of intelligent capable professionals, working together to improve the home buying and loan system.

Total Expert Leadership Conference

Total Expert is a Minnesota based company that writes software for loan officers. Their recent conference, in Newport Beach, CA, brought together financial experts in reality, banks, loan officers, business owners, and Assignment Desk and Go To Team were on the scene to hit record on it all.

The goal of the leadership conference was to start a dialogue between the software company and their clients (as well as prospective clients) to assure they could deliver the best product possible and to start conversations about the business in general. Speakers from online mortgage companies sat next to competitors to discuss successful business strategies. Company owners spoke about how things have changed in the ten years since the market crash. Also discussion delved into the future of their industry.

Behind the Scenes of a Corporate Conference

About a quarter of the space for the conference was windows which meant the light would (and did) change in the room throughout the day. The stage where the presentations and panels were held was in shadow. We ended up filling stage areas where we could with some directional arri tungsten. This was a challenge, but we made it work. The footage was also shot in 4K.

It was quoted several times that “a loan or mortgage is one of the largest financial decisions of people’s lives.” With that spirit of awareness, cooperation, forward thinking, and responsibility that I observed those two days, I feel as though the future of the banking world may just be in better hands.

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