Total Expert Conference

Total Expert Conference | Charlotte and Columbia Camera Crew | Do you want to be a “total expert” in marketing strategies? Well, Total Expert, a software marketing company, held a conference this past week where industry leaders tell all of the key trends and sales strategies that are emerging this year which all of the top financial brands are using. The industry leaders gave their insight on how to achieve success in your organization while revealing what is in the future for Total Expert that will help many organizations. 

Total Expert called on Assignment Desk and Go To Team to help cover it all! Charlotte camerawoman, Tori Musciano, and Columbia DP, Craig Goodale, were there to help shoot the conference.

Setting the scene…

The conference took place in Charlotte, NC in at the restaurant in La Méridien hotel. 

“While the shoot was located in a restaurant, the client didn’t want the restaurant look. We were able to manipulate the space to look more like the conference setting they were hoping for.” – Tori Musciano (Charlotte Camerawoman)

Total Expert Conference

The client also didn’t want any of the wallpaper in the shot. The crew opened doors and raised the seat of the speaker to look out into the restaurant to accomplish this. The crew was able to achieve the conference aesthetic by shooting over seats. Our crews are always problem-solving and are trained to think outside of the box. Why? Because the client’s needs come first.

That’s pretty cool! So what equipment did ya use?!

For this particular shoot, the crew used two cameras to capture content: the Sony F5 and Sony F55. Additionally, the crew used 2x lite panels and 2x astras to highlight the industry leaders as they were presenting on stage. Ben Giddens, a Go To Team apprentice, was there to ensure audio was captured perfectly. To accomplish this, he utilized a split monitor to capture the sound. He then pulled the audio directly from a mixing board. 

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Total Expert for letting the Assignment Desk be apart of this shoot! We look forward to working with your team on future projects.

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