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Tips for the Best Headshots | Assignment Desk – Blog | It’s the time of year again, time for new headshots! For those in front of the camera, looking your best is the most important. However for those behind the camera, much more goes into the process than good makeup and a great outfit. For those of you with less experience capturing headshots, keep reading for some helpful tips!

Don’t Assume you Need an Expensive Studio 

When preparing for your shot, it may seem like a professional studio is necessary to capture the best headshot possible. However, this is not the case. Now is the time to get creative and work with what you have! Look around for some cool backdrops and work with some natural lighting to start. Adding in simple lighting after will make a huge difference. 

Have the Subject Pop Off the Page

Nothing is more important than capturing a crisp and high definition focus on the subjects eyes. Whoever is viewing the photo will be drawn in and establish a connection with the subject. Another way to really make the client pop is to put some distance in between them and the background. This will create a nice blurred effect behind them and allow them to stand out more. 

Use the Appropriate Setup 

For professional headshots, it’s important to light the subject evenly. Using a classic beauty lighting setup will work very well, with one light above and a second light, or a reflector, filling from below. Make sure to have their face straight towards the camera with their body angled 45 degrees away from the camera. Be sure to guide them to look directly down the lens, so the shot doesn’t end up with them looking out of frame. 

Use the Correct Lens

While there is never going to be one universal lens that everyone uses for capturing headshots. To get the best outcome, you’ll want to use a lens that allows you to get in tight on the client and have them pop off the page. It is recommended to use a 35, 50, or 85 mm lens to get the best results. 

Find their Best Angle 

This is something that can be fixed by simply asking a question. Some people may just know what their best angle is and they’ll be able to find their best light. However, with those that aren’t sure, taking a few tests shots at different angles will be a big help. Showing them the photos and getting their approval will save you lots of time editing later on. 

Assignment Desk is always here to help. With that being said, we hope you’ll check out this list of some helpful tips on how to get the best headshots for your client! 

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