Time Lapse

Videos that have a tendency to go the most viral? Time-lapses. This is because a time-lapse can take an event that is hours, or even days, long and condense them into mere seconds. 

 It is used to show the audience what happens from start to finish of something that would otherwise be too long to air, like when a field of flowers come into bloom or an entire music festival fills up and then empties a venue. It’s always fun to see things happen that we don’t normally get to, but what people often don’t know is what goes into setting up a shot like that.

Time Lapse


Of course, before you even start to go get ready to shoot, you need to plan the shot. The weather is an obvious one, and even the best-planned day might not have the weather you expected. Shooting long time-lapses involves knowing the times and positions of sunrise, sunset, and even tides if you’re shooting by the water. These will all play factors in your shot as the camera will be stationary for long periods of time and have to shoot in any level of light.

It’s also extremely important that you pack accordingly for yourself as well. It may sound redundant, but remember what you need to bring and bring it. You won’t be able to leave the location for quite some time, so whatever food, drinks or batteries you have are all you get.

Time Lapse

Using the Gear:

Now, you might usually spring for gear that’s really light so that you can move around and hold the camera nice and steady, but for a time-lapse shot especially somewhere with lots of loose ground or wind, this won’t help. Your ultra-light tripod that collapses into your pocket is cool, but it won’t save you from high winds ruining our shot by shaking the camera.

A strong, sturdy setup from the camera to the feet of the tripod is necessary to keep the shot stable. If you really need to fortify the mount, you can use your bag to weigh it down further or find objects on the ground nearby like branches or stones.


Follow these tips, and keep your head on a swivel, and your time-lapse shoot will fly right by!

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