The “Burb Life”

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Burb Life

The Chevrolet Suburban is iconic. From the 1970s wood paneling to the modern day high-tech cockpit, these trucks are just classic cool. Suburbans have that sleek, “don’t mess with me” vibe often associated with the Secret Service, and it’s one of the many reasons these trucks are a natural fit for Go To Team. Suburbans make a statement. And they blend in. When you see a Suburban, no one questions why it’s there. It looks like it’s supposed to be there.


Our fleet of 17 Suburbans provides more than just transportation, they’re our mobile offices. We #MakeCoolTV by carrying at least 30 cases of gear at any given time while shooting with a lot of high profile people. Safety, security, and reliability are top priorities. Our Suburbans deliver. They’re a great ride and can rack up hundreds of thousands of miles.

So when you see one of Go To Team’s blacked out Suburbans roll up, you can relax knowing that your shoot is in good hands. We’re gonna win today.