Texas DP Heads To NOLA For Dr. OZ

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I’m on a shrimping boat! Bubbbbbbbbba!


One of my favorite clients to shoot for is “The Dr. OZ” show.  If they book you on a shoot you that you’re going to have a good time.  The last time I worked for them I ate some of the best bbq in the country.  This time I was heading to New Orleans to shoot on a feature on shrimping and local breweries.  Yup.  Tough job but someone has to do it.

A beautiful sunrise over the bayous of Louisiana.

I was shooting on the Sony F800.  Dr. OZ  loves those XDCam discs.  I mounted my Odyssey 7q Plus to the back of my camera so that my producer has a way to monitor the content.  The Odyssey also acts as a way to create an instant backup.

Our first day started with an early morning drive to a dock in Dulac, LA.  We jumped on a boat that shuttled us out to a shrimping boat 40 minutes south.  While in commute we watched the sun rise.  I captured some awesome b-roll while on that shuttle boat.  Once we got on the shrimping boat correspondent, Mark Schatzker did an interview with shrimp boat captain, Lance Nacio.  Afterwards the captain gave us a step by step walk through of the shrimping process and what they do to keep their catch fresh.

This was breakfast the day we were on the shrimping boat.
This was breakfast the day we were on the shrimping boat.

As soon as we got back to shore we made the hour drive to New Orleans.  We headed to the Pigeon and Prince Restaurant to drop off some super fresh shrimp to chef, John Besh.  Chef Besh showed Mark how to cook up shrimp creole, where the key is not to overcook the shrimp.  We ended the day at a grocery store that sells fresh Louisiana shrimp.

Dr. OZ correspondent, Mark Schatzker checks out the local shrimp at the grocery store.

Day two was a little more laid back.  We spent the day at NOLA Brewery where we got a behind the scenes look at the ingredients that go into their brews.  This feature also focused food pairings.

It’s always fun to be in New Orleans.  It’s a great city with amazing food.  I just had to get my fill of chargrilled oysters before I left.  Such an awesome dish.  I can’t imagine what I’ll do next for Dr. OZ but I can bet you that my belly will be happy.






Mark Schatzker chats with shrimper, Lance Nacio.