When technology advances so must we, and oh has it changed! Changes in the resolution are one of the many things that companies must be aware of when producing, editing, and publishing content. We have transitioned from SD to HD, and from HD to 4K. (If you’re thinking “I didn’t know we had surpassed HD,” it’s broken down in simpler terms here.) We understand that it can be hard to keep up!

So, the main questions: Do these changes in video resolution effect content producers? Should clients be working with vendors like Assignment Desk to determine the “right” way to display our content? In short, yes. 

We’re all left with a question of how companies, specifically production companies, are going to adapt to these changes. Of course, it is all down the client, but the conversation is still to be had! Here are two examples of how technology advances could potentially become a challenge:

  1. Advancements in video quality bring up a question of accessibility. If you’re shooting towards an audience who owns a 4k Ultra HD or OLED Television (Organic Light Emitting Diode), great! But if a viewer doesn’t have access to this, they won’t truly reap the full benefits of the content
  2. With better and more exclusive content comes exclusive ways companies want you to view it. Companies must cater to this new technology, otherwise, they’ll lose that portion of their audience. Even Netflix is offering an Ultra 4K HD option. This is sure to be in a  producer’s mind when they’re making these pre-production and post-production editing decisions.

Not sure what level of quality your next shoot should be shot at? Talk to our team! They’re happy to help!

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