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Charlotte crew shoots Demo DVD with Trijicon optics.

I traveled to Fayetteville last week for a really sweet gig with the U.S. Army and Trijicon. Trijicon produces optics like the ACOG (advanced combat optical gunsight) that are standard issue with many governments worldwide but specifically used by the U.S. Marines, Army and Navy Seals. Our mission was to shoot a series of overview videos for a […]

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On board the U.S.S. Nassau – Go To Team covers U.S. troops returning home from Iraq

Go To Team DP’s, Dan Beckmann and Skip Clark, helped NBC News cover the return of U.S. Troops from deployment in Iraq. For the men and women of the U.S.S. Nassau, it was a welcome site to see the shore line of the United States after an 18 month deployment in the Middle East! After […]

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