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What happens at NAB… usually doesn’t stay at NAB it will most likely end up in your gear package.

A few weeks ago I boarded a plane headed to Sin City for the Broadcaster’s ball aka NAB (National Association of Broadcasters). This was my first time at NAB and in Las Vegas (unfortunately, I don’t have a tale that can rival Hunter S. Thompson). I was excited, I have known of this mystical event […]

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Charlotte Cameraman gets behind the lens filming North Carolina Furniture Country

As Nick and I made the trip out to Valdese, North Carolina, my mind raced with excitement for numerous reasons.  For starters, I’d been on NASCAR for 6 months. And, I had friend and fellow GTT crew, Nick Modisett as Audio. Plus, working with talented producers Joey Popp and his wife, Catherine added to my delight–they are always a […]

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GTT’s Richmond Video Crew Has Been Good This Year…I Promise!

While shooting a piece for Macy’s in Richmond, Virginia, GTT cameraman Nick Modisett got to meet Ol’ Saint Nick himself. After the kiddos had left and the story was shot, Modisett sat down to write his wish list for Santa.

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