Sports Illustrated: PGA Champion Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas Inspired by Tiger Woods Most 24-year-old’s goals include landing their first real job, meeting a special someone, and moving into their first home. 24-year-old Justin Thomas, however, set goals for himself like win a tour championship, win a major, and land an under 70 scoring average. Casual. Justin Thomas Inspired by Tiger Woods…


Alice Cooper | Beau Knows: Channel 9 Australia

“The Footy Show” is an Australian Logie Award-winning sports variety TV show covering the professional rugby league in Australia. Co-hosted by former rugby star Beau Ryan, a popular segment “Beau Knows” covers a wide range of topics and interviews with celebs. Go To Team‘s Dallas crew, Nate Galluppi and Nate Silverman, had the pleasure of…


Deloitte: NYC’s 30 Rock

Today was a great day for a corporate shoot with Deloitte in the beautiful 30 Rockefeller Plaza. It’s a staple in New York City and unmistakable, for good reason. Our crew, Tom Lino, and Andre Szyszkowski met in the lobby and as we were checking in, Condoleezza Rice walked by us! Anything can happen when…


Deloitte: Strategic Risk Services

Downtown San Francisco is the land of tech and business. We worked with Go To Team on this shoot to shoot an interview for Deloitte, which is considered one of the “Big Four” in accounting firms and the largest professional services network in the world. Mike Kearney at Deloitte We interviewed Mike Kearney, a Deloitte…


CNBC: Chip Wilson of lululemon

Be honest. Do you wear yoga pants at other times besides yoga class? Of course you do! Everyone does and the trend is called athleisure. Photo credit: CNBC Chip Wilson, founder and former CEO of lululemon, is considered to be the original creator of the athleisure trend. So be thankful to him for the ability…


Myriad Media: IBM

Do you know what the weather is like right now in Munich, Germany? We do! We were just crewed by the always awesome and eclectic Myriad Media for a shoot in that beautiful city. IBM is a multinational tech company and they wanted to highlight their Watson IoT (Internet of Things) Sales Academy. Myriad was…


DMG Productions: Innovations with Ed Begley Jr.

Want to learn about the world’s newest innovations? So does Ed Begley Jr. And his show “Innovations” teamed up with DMG Productions for a new and informative episode. This episode was all about diagnostic solutions. Innovations traveled to Response Biomedical to learn about the RAMP system, a versatile testing platform that provides accurate information based…