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Go To Team D.C. Crew | Highlight: David DiFalco Set Building

Everyone has hobbies outside of work, and we love to take a moment to highlight our camera operators’ talents. This week we are highlighting our D.C. cameraman, David DiFalco. David is not only a ridiculously talented camera operator, but he also knows how to build full sets for live performances and movies. His love for […]

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Go To Team Nashville Crew | Fox Nation Politicon 2019

Politicon is not your classic nor conventional political convention! Politcon 2019 was an eccentric weekend full of humor and discourse from some of the biggest names in politics. This out of the ordinary convention takes the seriousness out of politics and makes it a fun time for everyone involved with tons of events such as […]

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Go To Team St. Louis Crew | Barstool Sports – Stanley Cup

Can’t get enough of the Barstool boys? We can’t! Besides their website, Barstool has a radio show on Sirius XM. They recently hosted a show in St. Louis because they have personalities from the area, and the infamous St. Louis Blues are in the middle of playing in the Stanley Cup Series. Barstool chose to […]

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