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Tales From The Producer Episode 103 – Prankster Cameraman

In this episode we take a look at “The Prankster Cameraman”. Much like urban legends, this story has been recounted in various forms with each source adding their own interpretation of the events that transpired. As with each episode of “Tales From The Producer”, we have sorted the fact from fiction and present to you […]

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Baker Crew “Gets Axed” by Modern Marvels

Recently, GTT’s Charlotte Based Baker crew once again “made the cut” with Modern Marvels. Starting at the Council Tool’s Forge in Lake Waccamaw, NC, the Baker Crew tracked the creation of Fireman’s axes from their humble beginnings as unformed steel, to the drop-forged, razor sharp, iconic realization, embodied in their finished state. It was hot, […]

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It’s Holiday Time!

Go To Team got into the Holiday spirit this year by placing themselves in scenes of some very notable Holiday films. Check out all of the great pics and See if you can name all of the shows and movies! It’s a Wonderful Life (Ryan, Shawn, Dawn) Jimmy’s Home Alone Skip’s Christmas Story Charlie Brown’s […]

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