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New England DP on the Ground for 2024 NH Primaries

With the start of another election year, our Go To Crews have hit the ground running with some coverage of the New Hampshire primary! New England DP, Roggg braved the cold last week to capture presidential candidates as they officially entered the final stretch of their 2024 campaign trails. Candidates Nikki Haley, Dean Phillips and […]

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Chicago Cameraman in Michigan Filming Bill Clinton for NBC

With Election Day only a month away, the race to become president is at full speed! The presidential candidates, vice presidential candidates and even their spouses are hitting the road looking to gain support. President Bill Clinton was in Flint, Michigan recently and I was there with my camera waiting to capture his arrival. When I say I […]

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Election Coverage

Working with MSNBC Anchors Ashleigh Banfield, Chris Jansing, and Gregg Jarrett, the crews were shooting from 4AM to 4PM then traveled to their next location. Following the candidates meant crossing the country several times. In the first three days A & B Crews were in Little Rock, AK, Nashville, TN, and Davenport, IA. All five crews ended up in Nashville, TN or Austin, TX for election night coverage.

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