Daily Planet: Fire and Ice Racing

New York Video Camera Crew | Fire and Ice Tour We teamed up with Go To Team and New York video camera crew, Reid Petro, for an adventurous shoot with Daily Planet in Reading, Pennsylvania. Picture motorcycles, dirt bikes, and quads racing around on a hockey rink. Add to that picture a stuntman on fire…


Discovery Canada: Earthquake Resistant Pipes

Some water pipes are so old that when an earthquake hits, they are destroyed and can no longer flow water for emergency needs. Experts at Cornell University want to solve this problem. Discovery Canada highlighted their research for CTV News Channel. Testing Water Pipes’ Strength Against Earthquakes The experts at Cornell University have one goal…


Daily Planet: Spira Vehicles

Did you know that 50 million people are injured and 1.2 million are killed annually by vehicles? Spira vehicles were built to provide a safer car. Daily Planet wanted to highlight this safe and green vehicle and we were there. The Spira vehicle is wrapped in over six inches of soft foam, is small, lightweight…


Daily Planet: Drones as Entertainment

Are you ready for the future of firework shows? They won’t be fireworks at all – they’ll be drones! Daily Planet on Discovery Canada highlighted Verge Aero, a company that is revolutionizing drones to be used as entertainment. Verge Aero has unique software that enables them to fly multiple drones at once in spellbinding light…