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Go To Crew Goes to the Zoo!

The long-running show Wild Kingdom arrived at the Columbus Zoo in May and Go To Crews Cleveland DP Jordan Woods was there to cover it all! We shot an episode for the legendary show where we got to hang out with Manatees and polar bears! A specialty zoom lens (the Sigma 60-600mm) was shipped in […]

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Cleveland Crew Scores Big With Cincinnati Bengals

Who Dey! We spent a day last week with Tee Higgins of the Cincinnati Bengals for a fun lighthearted two camera shoot with Omaha Productions. After setting up in his Living Room, we shot him sitting on his couch, reacting to Peyton Manning’s big giveaway coming up. It may not sound like much, but with […]

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Go To Team Crews Venture into Bengals Country with Fox

Fox Sports brought GTT crews from Nashville, D.C. & Chicago to Cincinnati for an interview with Bengals QB Andy Dalton! The two-person interview required set assembly, three cameras, audio and grip. The team shot on Sony PMW–F55 cameras, each equipped with its own Sound Devices Pix 240 external recording device (so as to capture the […]

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