France: Leaders in the Automotive Industry

These days we can use our cars for almost anything. Thanks to wifi capabilities, access to Bluetooth, and streaming music services like Pandora and Spotify, the latest models can double as a mobile office or simply a comfortable and cool place to hang out.

Perhaps no one knows this better than French automobile manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroën (Groupe PSA), a European and world leader in the automotive industry that’s famous for brands like Peugeot, Citroën, and the luxury DS line. Recently, our video crews at Assignment Desk teamed up with our client Studio Center in Paris to shoot a pitch video to showcase how these brands are working together to use technology and to continue to improve the customer experience.

Le Car to UFOs?

The French automotive industry has come a long way since the classic “Le Car” from the 1970s, but even then it was cutting edge—the front lights turned with the wheels! These days, French car makers are using their innovative edge to appeal to the customers’ desires for convenience and luxury, while remaining culturally and environmentally conscious: building cars that look like spaceships inside (and will, perhaps, one day operate like a spaceship,) moving towards electric cars, and providing more rideshare opportunities for those who don’t own cars or live in high traffic areas.

A Goddess

French car styling has always pointed us towards the future, making us believe that we can truly one day live like the futuristic family the Jetsons. It’s easy to imagine self-driving cars when drones are already making deliveries!

The DS—pronounced in French as déesse, the word for goddess—is a luxury car line that’s been turning heads since it was first revealed in 1955. The futuristic styling, which includes pivoting headlights, hydraulic suspension, and single-spoke steering wheel has proved timeless as well as lucrative. Some say it literally looks like a UFO.

Gas and Diesel: On the way out?

The French have always been some of the most forward-thinking in the auto world.

And with that innovation requires being environmentally conscious. Recently the French government announced that it’s taking steps towards banning the sale of new gas-and-diesel-powered cars by 2040. France’s environmental minister Nicolas Hulot says it’s a matter of public health, and he believes that French automakers like Peugeot-Citroen and Renault are capable of making the transition to electric vehicles exclusively.

Mobility will keep the car industry profitable and relevant

Even though we love our cars, recent studies show that the average car is only on the road about five percent of the time. With services like Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare programs on the rise, the buzzword known as mobility is becoming more and more important.

Paris-based Peugeot, one of the biggest car-makers in the world, is making plans to return to America after a 27-year absence, and they will do it by first investing in mobility. Groupe PSA aims to become the preferred worldwide mobility service provider by 2030.

Working with the best.

Our video production crews at Assignment Desk are honored to take part in projects with clients like Studio Center that highlight the world’s cutting-edge leaders in business, economy, and technology.

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