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Working quickly while still producing a great looking video is nothing new for the camera operators we work with. St. Louis cameraman, Sam Caravana, did just that while working with Truxton Creative and The Detention Watch Network. 

Detention Watch Network | Assignment Desk

Immigration is currently a large-scale debate in our country.  This issue will take a bit of time to find a true resolution, as there is not any one-size-fits-all solution.

With immigration being such a passionate issue, Truxton and the Detention Watch Network highlight advocates speaking on the issue. Sam helped capture the advocates reading a series of powerful lines. To achieve a clean and crisp look, Sam was able to use previous footage with the footage he was capturing throughout this shoot. This was not super complex, as the previous footage was shot in front of a white background. 

Detention Watch Network | Assignment Desk

To match those shots, Sam set up his white backdrop which he lit with his Kino 400s. He also used his Led panels as his key, front fill, and hair light. The camera he used was a Canon C300, which is popular for its lightweight construction. The C300 makes moving around to set up shots a breeze!

Thank you to Truxton Creative for letting us work with your team on such an important topic! 

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