Spring Cleaning Your Camera

Spring Cleaning Your Camera | Assignment Desk | Blog – How dirty did you let all your equipment get this Winter? Is it as dirty as ours? I hope not for your sake! We just got through cleaning all of our equipment because of spring cleaning, obviously. Since we totally have cleaning down now, we wanted to share what we did, so you can go get after the spring cleaning of your equipment! 

Spring Cleaning Your Camera

Purchase this Professional Camera Cleaning Kit

Amazon, once again, coming in clutch! Do you order everything off of Amazon? Join the crew. Assignment Desk is obsessed with Amazon, so of course, we are drooling over this camera cleaning kit. The kit seriously has everything you will need to clean your cameras! So, before you start cleaning with random household items, purchase this kit for only $12.49. 

Step One: Use the Air Blower and Soft Lens Brush

The kit comes with an air blower, which will just help blow all the dust off of your camera. The air blower is gentle, so it will not be extremely powerful. Just squeeze the end, then say goodbye to most of your dust bunnies! In case you still have a little dust on the lens that the air blower did not get off, just gently use the soft lens brush. 

Step Two: Wipe Away

Do you know when you are diving into chicken wings and get sauce all over your hands? But, the restaurant saves your life with pre-moistened wipes. Well, you are about to save your cameras live with a pre-moistened wipe. Use these wipes on your camera to clean off any extra dirt or smudges. Then, you can use the microfiber cleaning cloths to just dry off the lens and continue to wipe away any dust. 

Step Three: Final Spray to Have a Clean Camera

Finally, use the spray bottle and again the microfiber cloths to do the final cleaning. Just spray the alcohol-free liquid on the cloth and clean off the last layer of dirt! You can also use the liquid on acrylic based lenses, which is a major plus. 

Spring Cleaning Your Camera

Now, admire your beautiful, clean camera! Spring cleaning your equipment is such a necessity that some people totally forget to do, but it is a must. If you ever need a crew, give us a call. We have clean equipment!

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