Justin Thomas Inspired by Tiger Woods

Most 24-year-old’s goals include landing their first real job, meeting a special someone, and moving into their first home. 24-year-old Justin Thomas, however, set goals for himself like win a tour championship, win a major, and land an under 70 scoring average. Casual.

Justin Thomas Inspired by Tiger Woods

Sports Illustrated had us crew an audio operator with gear to Westbury, NY to capture Thomas’ interview for Thomas talked about his success this past year and how meeting one of his childhood idols, Tiger Woods, was an inspiration to him. Although Tiger has a few more championships under his belt, we have no doubt Thomas is right behind him. Thomas marveled at the golf community’s support after his PGA Championship When a lot of golf greats reached out to give him their congratulations. He admitted that it can be mentally draining, but winning gives him the rush and fuel to want to do it again.

A Dangerous Game

While on the green, the audio operator had to dodge a few stray golf balls. For a non-contact sport, it still seems pretty dangerous to us, ha. Not everyone can be a golf champion at 24 though. It kept us on our toes and we had so much fun working with Sports Illustrated. Congratulations Justin Thomas! We can’t wait to see what you cross off your goals list for this year.

Watch the full interview HERE

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