From being drafted, to tearing his ACL, to getting back on the court, Jabari Parker has had his ups and downs in the NBA. Sports Illustrated wanted to get his take on the journey.

Who is Jabari Parker?

Sports Illustrated got an all-access view of NBA player Jabari Parker for a special segment. Who is Jabari Parker? Glad you asked. He plays power forward for the Milwaukee Bucks. He was the second overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft. Before that he was playing at Duke University. He also helped his team win four state championships while at Simeon Career Academy in Chicago. He is the son of retired NBA player Sonny Parker of the Golden State Warriors.

Sports Illustrated Highlights NBA Player Jabari Parker

Parker has struggled with ACL injuries during his career and we talked with him while he was going through rehab before the start of this season. He was doing three and half hours of physical therapy every day. He knew that’s what it would take to make him strong again. He’s proud of his scars, though. They remind him to be thankful and take things one day at a time because just like that, it can all be taken away. It was hard for him to be alone during the process so he was living with his mother for a while to have some company. What does he do for motivation? He watches some of his favorite players’ highlight videos on YouTube.

Jabari Parker and the Boys & Girls Club of America

Parker also thinks it’s important to give back. He is very thankful for all the opportunities he has had, and wants to make sure others do too. We watched as he spoke with kids in the Boys & Girls Club about staying in school, getting good grades and setting goals. He also gave them pizza and bags filled with school supplies and of course, basketballs. You might say philanthropy runs in the Parker family. His father created the Sonny Parker Youth Foundation in Chicago to help inner-city kids. Some of the questions the kids asked him were: Who is his favorite basketball player? Answer – Magic Johnson. And what did he want to do before he decided to play basketball? Answer – work at a zoo.

Jabari Parker won’t let a few injuries get in the way of a good game and clear mind. You can now find him on the court with his team. Thanks for highlighting this inspiring athlete Sports Illustrated!

Watch the full video here.

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