Spooky Sound Effects

Spooky Sound Effects | Creak, splat, crunch, thump, BOO! It is finally spooky season and the video camera crews at Assignment Desk are more than ready to get spooked. Halloween time means time to sit back, get comfortable, and watch some good ole’ classic, horror movies. Ever notice how the sound effects in these movies only make them that much more suspenseful and terrifying? The creaking of the chair, the cracking of bones, and the splattering of blood… how exactly can you achieve these sounds? Well, we here at Assignment Desk will tell you exactly how to scare your audience with these eerie sounds.

Spooky Sound Effects

Where do we begin?

Some of these creative tricks may even surprise you. Let’s start with breaking bones. So for this, you’ll need a cabbage, celery, carrots, and watermelon, and no you’re not making lunch! The crunchiness of the cabbage, celery, and carrot sounds like the breaking or snapping of bones when you snap the vegetable in half or smash with your hands. You can stab a cabbage with a knife to create a gruesome stabbing sound. Watermelons are multipurpose for sound effects. You can use the insides to make splattering sounds or smash it on the ground and let it explode. Not only are these foods great for sounds effects, but it’s also super fun to do!

Squeaky floors & Creaky doors… 

In the midst of a silent, suspenseful scene the creaking sounds can be pretty effective. How do I make this happen? Use a creaky, wooden chair and adjust the audio gear to capture it. Also, you can achieve that breaking glass sound in a much neater fashion by just dropping some silverware on a tray.

What about monster sounds?

We didn’t forget about the zombies, ghosts, and werewolves! Monster growls and thumps are made in various ways. It can be fun to try your own voice and let out some roars, or even use some animal sounds and put some editing on it. Some animals to consider could be birds, lions, or pigs. For ghosts, it could be cool to use the whispering winds and put some editing on that. 

Spook or be spooked! 

In order to really get your audience flying out of their chairs, try shocking them with a screech or bang sound effect. This happens by hitting metal or even a drum. 

We hope that these tips help you really spook someone this fine Halloween season! Book with our Assignment Desk crews for all your audio and video needs!

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