Sony a7Sii Features | The World's First Full-Frame Hybrid Camera

Sony a7Sii Features |  The Sony a7Sii is one of the top video capturing devices in the industry. 

Why is this? Because it is a mirrorless digital and the world’s first full-frame hybrid camera. It includes internal recording, ultra high sensitivity wide range dynamic, as well as other impressive key features.

Here we will walk you through some of the key features and settings, so you can use them in various situations on upcoming shoots:

Low-Light Settings

It can be difficult to capture footage in low-light locations. A dimly lit room can affect the image quality, if the wrong camera is used. With larger megapixels for cleaner results, the Sony a7Sii offers low-light footage capabilities, promising optimum results in a multitude of environments. 

To ameliorate your chances of getting a high quality capture in low-light settings, use a full-frame lens. 

 Wide Dynamic Range

Whether you are shooting in a dark room or the bright outdoors, the Sony a7Sii offers a versatile and dynamic range of capture. The special software allows the camera to balance the lighting for a clear image. 

Underexposed and overexposed captures are frustrating for photographers and videographers; they want a balance of light, not just a snap of the middle of the light source or the lack thereof. Conversely, WDR-enhanced cameras are capable of automatically brightening darker areas with tone mapping. Additionally, the camera will capture the underexposed and overexposed images and combine them, applying and inserting the most balanced parts of each image. 

High Speed AF

Fast, intelligent auto focusing feature is a must-have for most videographers. Clear shots are a desirable feature in cameras, and the Sony a7Sii provides just that. This camera offers almost total autofocus frame coverage from corner to corner. It is easier to place the focal point on various parts of the frame. 

The high speed shots separate a regular camera lagging a few seconds or a camera with poor autofocus at the last second to a camera with a combination of both. With the Sony a7Sii, you do not have to worry about a blurry image. It promises crisp shots of the subject in a split second. 

Rain or shine, video or stills, this immaculate camera executes, ensuring WDR-enhanced technology, high speed autofocus, and low light captures. 

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