Social Distancing While Filming

Social Distancing While Filming | Assignment Desk | Blog – We truly never thought we would be writing a blog on social distancing while filming, but it is a real issue right now, so here we are! Assignment Desk is practicing social distancing very seriously for the next couple of months while we all deal with the coronavirus. As much as everyone just wants to stay home, the show must go on people! If you are involved in the video production world right now, practice these tips to keep yourself safe on the job!

Set Up Prior

This step is very simple but very beneficial, so definitely do it! If you set up all of your equipment prior to the talent coming in, then you will not have to very close to the talent. Set up your camera, lighting, audio and more prior to the talent coming into the room. 

Social Distancing While Filming

Keep Your Distance 

This is obvious, but still must be said! When the talent does enter the room, you do not have to go too close. We recommend keeping six feet of distance between the two of you. At least you are not face to face with each other. 

Leave the Room 

If you have the option to press record and leave the room as an audio operator or camera operator, then take the opportunity! Just do whatever will make both of you most comfortable. Keep both of your needs in mind, especially at this time of social distancing!

Social Distancing While Filming

Open Communication

Assignment Desk suggests talking to the talent beforehand, maybe call or text to discuss social distancing while filming. That way, the two of you can decide what you are comfortable with. The talent may not want to be in the same room. If you could make that possible for them. Also, you always have the option to reschedule if either of you are not prepared to take the risk of exposure. 

Assignment Desk understands how much of a struggle it is to be filming right now. Keep your head up and hands washed! After using all the equipment, please keep washing your hands. Social distancing while filming is not fun, but will be over eventually. If you need a video crew, we are ready with clean hands, so give us a call!

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