Satellite Healthcare


We get to shoot a lot of exciting stuff, but good content comes in many forms. Nobody likes to talk about the reality of healthcare until you’re affected. If you’ve ever known anyone who needed dialysis you know how time intensive, and invasive, it is. It also comes along with a high expense. Satellite Healthcare has worked with over 7,500 patients and is one of the nation’s leading not-for-profit providers of kidney dialysis and related services.

Not only does the company provide top-notch dialysis, but they embrace a team approach to personalized health care. Their 2,000 employees are located across eighty different locations across the United States

Assignment Desk had the pleasure of providing a Director of Photography and Audio crew to help capture employee interviews to tell more about the culture at Satellite Healthcare. Nolan Nissle (DP) and Chris Mas (Audio) filmed the series of employee interviews in Mesa, AZ.

The Assignment Desk Team was honored to work on this project with Satellite Healthcare. We are beyond grateful for the services they provide to those who are in need. We hope to work with one of these amazing facilities more in the future!

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