Robotic Bread Maker

Robotic Bread Maker | It’s the best thing since sliced bread… You don’t have to slice it yourself.

Innovation Nation partnered with Assignment Desk and Go To Team’s Seattle cameraman Zach Caby and audio Ted Kinney to capture the robotic bread maker in action.

The shoot took place in Walla Walla, WA at a busy supermarket. Zach used a Sony F5 to capture all the footage and Ted boomed audio. Our crew got a glimpse into the future while shooting with the inventor of the automatic bread-making machine.

Robotic Bread Maker

There is a possibility of 2 locations opening near Walla Walla, so be on the lookout the future is coming!

Assignment Desk is thrilled to have had this opportunity to work with Innovation Nation and we hope to work with them again soon!

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