Red Bull Awards Interview

Red Bull gives us wings…to help serve the community. And that’s just what two Baltimore heroes, Walker Marsh and Brittany Young, are doing after going through the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy!

Red Bull Awards Interview

Walker Marsh has long had a vision to help beautify the Baltimore community. He has helped do so through urban sunflower gardens. After working with mentors at the Red Bull academy, Walker Marsh decided this year to add more sunflowers that will be sold for seeds. This will allow him to profit from his efforts to create more gardens throughout Baltimore, and eventually other cities. Walker mentioned that going through the academy helped change the way he is thinking about the business.

Red Bull Interviews

Brittany Young is a chemical engineer. She has focused on helping the educational aspects of the community through Dirt Bikes. Young is passionate about creating groups that include a dirt bike rider and instructor. The idea is to give students exposure to design, and the inner workings of the dirt bikes. Red Bull has helped her “create a space where you can do that and learn all of the science behind what you’re doing, and the mechanics,” she said.

Go To Team’s DC cameraman, David DiFalco, had the pleasure of working with Red Bull to interview Walker and Brittany on their efforts. For interview lighting setup, we used a kino for the key light and a light panel for the back light. For the background, the in house lights strobed, so we had to light the background ourselves. Our crews used two 650W tungsten lights with a cookie on both to break up the light.

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