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Proper Equipment for Live Streaming Video | Assignment Desk – Blog | Live Streaming a video is so easy, right? Well, it can be, but you definitely need the proper equipment in order to make it easier on yourself! Live Streaming a video is when you are able to create a video on the internet and viewers can see it at the time it is currently being made, so it is in real-time. Of course, you do have the ability to live stream directly off your phone, but that is only if your live-streaming unprofessionally. If you are looking to live stream professionally, below states exactly which equipment you will need! 

One: Computer

This one is pretty obvious, but some people are brand new to this! You will absolutely need a computer in order to start live streaming. Some people may prefer laptops because they are easy to bring with you on-the-go, but desktops typically offer more USB ports, which become very handy in this line of business. Also, a PC can be very beneficial for live streaming because they offer an HDMI plug-in and that allows you to be able to use any camera of your liking. 

Two: Camera

We think we gave away number two in my last sentence. Without a question, you are going to need a camera! You do not need a specific camera in order to live stream, but instead, a camera that best suits your needs. You will need to figure out exactly what you are looking for in a camera before you go ahead and purchase one. Ask yourself, will you be bringing the camera with you or will the camera stay in one spot? How crisp of an image do you want? Once you find the perfect camera, you might want to consider buying a LiveU product, which will attach to the camera and create wonderful quality and reliable connection anywhere in the world. 

Three: Microphone

If you are live streaming, then we are sure you will want your viewers to hear you properly. Most computers are not built to mainly focus on the microphone quality. You will want to obtain a microphone and Assignment Desk highly recommends the USB microphone. This microphone is extremely easy to use and most are under $100.

Four: Software 

Software plays a role once you begin to create your own logo, use your camera inputs, and play around with video effects. This is not necessary to purchase right away, but as you become more advanced you may want too. 

There are other pieces of equipment you could also purchase, but nothing that you absolutely need to create a live streaming video. Lighting may be useful for you if you are in a darker room or want a clearer image, but you can make that call! 

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