Production Tips for Shooting in NYC | Assignment Desk – Blog | Heading to an unfamiliar city for a video shoot can be an overwhelming feeling. Especially in a city as huge as the Big Apple!! Assignment Desk is here to help you out. We’ve put together a few tips that will send you off to your video shoot in NYC feeling as confident as ever!

Scout for your locations

Before the shoot date, make sure to map out where your video interviews and b-roll will be taking place. Be sure to note if there are multiple locations, and if there are, allow for extra allotted time to get from point A to point B. If you take the time to prepare beforehand, you might learn that it’s easier to walk from one location to the next, instead of driving, or vice versa!

Plan ahead

Finding the advantages and disadvantages of each of your locations and shoot times will be very helpful. To state the obvious, NYC is a very busy city and knowing where you will be able to get good shots with as little interference as possible will be a huge help!

Make sure you have the proper permits 

Under the regulations of NYC Parks, your video shoot may require a permit from the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment. It’s important to do your research beforehand to make sure you’re abiding by all of NYC Parks rules and regulations! You can apply for a permit online and they are free to obtain! Click here to find out if your shoot requires a permit! 

Consider a bigger crew

Shooting in the big city can come with its many challenges; challenges that may be hard to take on by yourself!! Just through the process of finding parking and unloading all of your camera equipment, having one other crew member with make a HUGE difference! No one wants to leave their equipment on the sidewalk while moving it from place to place!

Prepare for the weather

To say that New York can get bitingly cold in the winter is a major understatement, so keeping your equipment safe is more difficult. Remember that batteries drain more quickly in the cold weather, so bringing extra batteries is a must! Another concern in those chilling temperature is condensation! You’ll be walking back and forth from a cold temperature to a warm one constantly.  So make sure to wrap your camera in a ziplock bag to prevent it from fogging up!

Next time you head to NYC for a video shoot, we hope you refer back to these production tips for some extra help!! Do you need to book a video camera crew near you?? Contact our crews today!

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