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Production CRM for 2020 | The is now more accessible with just a click of a button! After expanding its capabilities in 2019, the software is all the rage in the production industry for the coming new year. Not only does it allow production teams to book crew members through the app but additionally, it has features to suit your production needs. Here are a few features of the app.  


First off, the is programed to allow producers and coordinators to organize and assemble a production team with ease. It also allows you to search the directory for a new crew and privately upload and store existing crew lists. Also, you can track preferred crew members and anonymously rank their performance. You are able to utilize these features to arrange your crew lists and plan out your next shoots accordingly. 

Personal Use

As a producer or production coordinator, it can be overwhelming to keep track of multiple crew members in different locations. Especially if your company has shoots all over the country, or even all over the world. With this app, you can save and store personal information and notes to refresh your memory. 

“Johnny has a Sony F5 – great for documentary and interview styled shoots – he was professional and talented.” 

You can document information about the shoot and your vendor’s credentials and abilities. 

Additionally, you can collaborate with other members of your organization, coordinating with one another to find the right camera operator for your shoot. If you are shooting a documentary in Los Angeles, and Johnny is your first choice but he is not available that day, you are able to look at other vendors who are recommended with your preferred equipment. The directory is loaded with tons of vendors all over the world to accomodate your needs. 

Fill any position!

You can fill any position you need for your production. Such as, a camera operator, a makeup artist, a PA, and a grip. The directory allows you to navigate through the app and search for vetted team members. By clicking on a vendor’s profile, you can see their titles, equipment, locations, vehicles, and reel. You can then determine if this vendor is the right fit for your shoot! 

Check out the for help with production CRM in 2020! Looking to book a production crew member for an upcoming event? Click here! 


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